Joanne Lee: Chairman
Joanne is a pioneering businesswoman who founded
Star Communications in 1980 as the first agency in Korea
serving international clients' public relations and staffing
needs. In addition to her work with Star Communications,
she is also a best-selling author and TV interviewer,
and often gives lectures to groups of businessmen,
students and women.

Hoonyoung Kim(HY): CEO / President
Hoonyoung is a graduate of UCLA and has a background in
journalism prior to coming to Star Communications.
He joined Star Communication as senior consultant in 1997.


Rosa Lee (Rosa): Sr. Consultant
Rosa has worked in Star Communication since 1994.
She specializes in the Information Technology and Computer Industries.

Seungeun Kim (Kenny): Sr. Consultant
MBA, International Business
Johnson & Wales University
Kenny began his working career with sports marketing at a local company.

Minchul Choi (Patrick): Consultant
MBA, Finance, The University of Michigan

Brian Kim: Researcher
Sogang University

Jason Kang: Researcher
Sungkyunkwan University

Mina Lee: Researcher
Yonsei University

Judy Choi: Office Administrator & General Accountant