Working as a team with the client, we analyze the company needs to
determine the required set of skills, understand organizational relationships,
define the required experience, and identify the other characteristics necessary
for the successful candidate.

After carefully assessing your needs, we typically prepare a written position
specification that outlines the responsibilities of the position, qualifications
required of the ideal candidate, and criteria for success.
This specification guides our search efforts.

The specification is promptly shared with other Star Communications consultants
with relevant industry and functional expertise to pinpoint sources and prospects.
Simultaneously, our research team accesses our computer databases of
individuals, corporations, and other sources.

Professional staff members make selective calls to sources and prospects to
identify and interest qualified individuals.
During this period, the consultant reports progress frequently to the client.

Likely prospects are interviewed by the consultant who evaluates each on the
basis of experience and potential cultural fit with the client organization.

Confidential written reports are typically submitted on four or five individuals
who most closely fit the position specification.

Once the client selects the final candidate, the consultant contacts individuals
who are capable of providing insights about the candidate qualifications.
The collective comments made by these references are then reviewed
with the client.

The consultant schedules a mutually convenient meeting between the client
and each candidate. After each interview, the consultant contacts both the client
and the candidates for feedback.

As the search comes to a close, the consultant can assist in structuring of
the compensation package if the client wishes. We also contact all those
who have been helpful in the search, thanking them on behalf of the client.
Once the successful candidate is in place, the consultant who worked
on the search is available to support the newcomer successful integration
into the client team.